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D365 welcomes PowerApps Monitor

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Performance issues? WebResources or PCFs not showing correctly? Odd script errors? PowerApps Monitor to the rescue!

Microsoft officially announced the availability of PowerApps Monitor for Modern Driven Apps (and D365 too).

The Monitor tool provides a way to view a stream of events from a user’s session in order to diagnose an issue. As of this blog post, it supports the following events on the latest build:

  • KPI for page loads, command executions, and other major events
  • Network request details
  • Warnings for synchronous XHR’s
  • Custom script errors (e.g. onload, ribbon rule evaluation)
  • Form execution event details (e.g. onload, onchange)
  • Form visibility reasons for controls and related menu items
  • Power BI control failure and performance events

Just add “&monitor=true” at the end of your page URL, and you’ll see the monitor icon on the top bar:

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